Prof. De Dilip Kumar


Prof. De Dilip  obtained his PhD in Physics(solid state magnetism) from University of Calcutta, India where once world famous scientists like, Prof. Sir J. C. Bose (original inventor of Radio), Prof. C. V. Raman(Noble laureate- Raman Effect), Prof. S. N. Bose(Bose-Eintein statistics, Bose condensation), Prof. M. N. Saha (Saha-ionisation equation in Astro Physics), Prof. Amartya Sen (Noble Laureate Economics) etc.were associated with. I taught in the University of Texas at Arlington, and several Universities in Nigeria. I worked in the areas of EPR studies of magnetic properties of crystalline solids using 3d ion as probe with special focus on influence of Jahn-Teller effect in Phase transition of materials. My idea as back as in 1982 when I found that Jahn-Teller impurities influence the modification of phase transition strongly in crystalline solids that superconductivity may be seen in ceramic materials due to JT effect was later confirmed by the Noble Prize winner Prof K. C. Muller through his explanation of the role of JT effect in the high temperature superconductor that he discovered. My work in the area of high Tc superconductors resulted in three USA patents and several were approved by US patents office but not issued due to my refusal to sign documents following disagreement with a company.

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